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Paediatric Treatment - Gastro-Intestinal Tract Infections

Infectious diarrhoea


Antibiotic therapy not indicated unless systemically unwell. 2 C. If systemically unwell and Campylobacter spp suspected (e.g. undercooked meat and abdominal pain), consider clarithromycin for 5–7 days if treated early (within 3 days). 3 C
Refer previously healthy children with acute painful or bloody diarrhoea to exclude E. coli 0157 infection. 1 C

Medicine Calendar

If systematically unwell and Campylobacter spp suspected, consider clarithromycin if treated early (within 3 days).3 C

See BNFc

5–7 days



Treat all household contacts at the same time PLUS advise hygiene measures for 2 weeks (hand hygiene, pants at night, morning shower [include perianal area]) PLUS wash sleepwear, bed linen, dust, and vacuum on day one. 1 C
Child <6 mths add perianal wet wiping or washes 3 hourly during the day.

Medicine Calendar

All patients over 6 months:
mebendazole (off- label if <2yrs)

100mg 1 C

stat dose but repeat after 2 weeks if infestation persists

Child <6 mths mebendazole is unlicensed, use hygiene measures alone for 6 weeks1 C

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