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Paediatric Treatment - Meningitis

Prevention of secondary case of meningitis: Only prescribe following advice from Public Health Doctor: 9 am – 5 pm
Out of hours: Contact on-call doctor

Suspected meningococcal disease

PHE Meningo

Transfer all patients to hospital immediately.

If clinician has time before hospital admission, and non-blanching rash, give IV benzylpenicillin or IV cefotaxime. 1-3 B+ Do not give IV antibiotics if there is a definite history of anaphylaxis; rash is not a contraindication. 1 B-. Give IM if vein cannot be accessed.

Medicine Calendar

IV or IM benzylpenicillin

Age 10+ years: 1.2g
Children 1 - 9 yr: 600mg
Children <1 yr: 300mg

Stat dose; give IM if vein cannot be accessed

or IV or IM cefotaxime

Age 12+ years: 1g
Child < 12 yrs: 50mg/kg

Stat dose; give IM if vein cannot be accessed

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